Who We Are

We are the next generation of social media. Video based, blockchain secured, and responsibly driven. We are the platform and solution that society has been asking for. One that believes that freedom of expression is our gift and that personal perspective is our right, which can vary as much as our reflections in the mirror. Our gift is our diversity in thought. Our power is using that diversity for good. Gone are the days of the industrial age of unworthy treatment, slave wages, and disrespect. Now is the dawning of the age of inspired thought and worthy compensation. We are the creators of the tools that will launch the next generation into independence and prosperity through respect and individuality. We are a unified group who believes in evolving how we live our lives today and supporting ideas that can benefit everyone’s tomorrow.

We are passionate people just like you who are encouraging economic change through individuals who want to pursue their goals and fulfill their dreams.

We are changemakers who believe that this world is overflowing with abundance for all and that everyone deserves the opportunity to receive it.

We are FanStar, an entertainment-based, social media platform created to encourage freedom of expression and providing an opportunity to make money while you’re at it.

FanStar allows content Creators to manage and have control over their content, their Fan base, marketing, sales, collaborations, contracts, and earn the majority of revenue from multiple streams of income on a single easy to use website/mobile app.

It also allows Fans to participate by viewing and rating content, supporting their favorite Creators, discovering new talent, purchasing tickets and merchandise, booking performances, and in return they may qualify to receive revenue, free tickets, merchandise, and discounts.

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Why We Matter

Because we believe that the pursuit of Freedom and Opportunity is your right and not an option!

With technology moving forward and major changes occurring all over the globe, now is the time to take action. We believe it is your RIGHT to exercise the FREEDOM to pursue your happiness through expressing your talent and passion while having the OPPORTUNITY to make money and manage your career on your own terms and conditions.

The platform is designed to distribute opportunity and benefit to all participants in the online community. We all know that there is strength in numbers and FanStar’s goal is to allow our strength to build our foundation for equal and fair commerce with no borders or censorship. We respect your time and energy and consider it valuable. Therefore, we believe that your time spent on the platform should be as enjoyable as possible as well as potentially lucrative.

Change is eminent. FanStar is dedicated to creating a vehicle that allows us all to choose our own direction and destiny. Are you with us?!


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